Wisdom is Experience – Learned

35 years of experience growing and developing people and their business, and we are learning everyday!

Executive Leadership

Great companies recognize that 95% of their assets drive out the front gate every evening. The job of the leaders is to bring them back the next morning.

3 1/2 minute introductory video
They are keynote speakers, coaches and Corporate Team builders

6 1/2 minute introductory video “Maximizing Your Gifts” Unleashing Greatness in Your People, Your Teams and Your Results

“John breathed new life into the organization through vision, innovation and enlightened leadership. …. His character can be summarized as a person of deep moral conviction, a man of
integrity and a staunch promoter of the highest level of personal conduct, a person who enjoys life, enjoys people and enjoys his work!”

The Right Honourable Donald Mazankowski / Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Member of the Board of Directors Great-West Life

Training & Development


Training and Development

 Training and Development is a key element of an organization emphasizing improvement of the performance of individuals and groups. Training is an educational process which involves the sharpening of Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits , to enhance the performance of the employees.

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John Liston, the lead trainer for our team, has vast experience, having been the National Training Leader for the General Sales Division for London Life. Developing Training, implementing national programs, and measuring results beginning in 1987 has allowed him to really understand and develop people to their full potential.

Our Programs

We believe every client deserves a customized program specific to their needs, and as a result tend to use multiple knowledge banks to assist in building exactly what each client needs. We are proud to be Authorized Partners for several outstanding programs provide to us through John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,

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Within this Family of programs we can offer;

  • Everything DiSC® Assessments and Analysis
  • Everything DiSC® in the Workplace
  • Everything DiSC® the Work of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC® Sales
  • Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict
  • The 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® – powered by Everything DiSC
  • The 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® – powered by All Types Home Page 

Your Investment

Every program takes on a different look depending on how the client wants to work with us.

  • We have one day workshops that are a general overview of the concepts
  • three day workshops that dig a little deeper into the material
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  • Our preference due to the concept of ingraining change into the team is to provide a year long program in which we are at the clients regularly over a 12 month period so that the material can be learned, practiced, evaluated and challenged in smaller pieces.

The intensive programs bring about the most significant change, and our prices range from $3500 to $5000 per participant. Volume discounts are available, and we would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.


“It has been my great pleasure to know John both professionally and personally for the past fifteen years. In his capacity as a leader in a large organization, his success hasproven him to be a true example of an authentic leader. He “walks the talk” and is genuinely worthy of the respect and admiration he garners from those fortunate enough to work for and with him.
A consummate leader, John is accountable, and brings passion and life to every endeavor he pursues. John is an inspiring team-builder, using leadership skills that are honed to a remarkable level. Whether it’s in front of the room or in front of your heart, John’s unshakable character, authentic presence, and wisdom allows him to bring value to anyone interested in building a better organization and a better life.”

David Irvine / Best-Selling Author and Leader’s Navigator

Lean Six Sigma


LSS Analytics Inc

Liston Advisory Group has partnered with an outstanding practitioner in the field of Business ProcessAnalysis and Improvement.

Business Area Pathway©
engineering the linkage between your
organizational strategy to business
outcomes and priorities

Managing Your Wealth


Liston Advisory Group has partnered with several experts in the field of Wealth Management as Referral Partners. We have worked in the field, but have chosen to be client advocates on behalf of our clients. We sit on the same side of the table as the client and make sure the client centred questions are asked of the advisors.

Finance & Exit Strategies for Private Business


When it is time to sell, private owners tend to have 5 options;

  • Sell to a competitor
  • Sell to their children/family ​
  • Sell to their employees
  • Sell to an equity fund
  • Go public

These options are all interesting, and all have their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Family want the business – for free
  • Employees have no money
  • Competitors under value it
  • equity funds might not understand your industry
  • Going Public is expensive

John and his associates of accountants, lawyers, financial analysts and merger and acquisition specialists can help navigate these choppy waters.

They also have a rolodex of contacts looking to buy businesses.

Let’s have a coffee and chat!

Tony D’Andrea, CFA Optimum Capital Inc.

The Team

Liston Advisory Group Inc. partners with several independent advisors to meet the needs of our clients. Listed Below are some of the many experts we involve to serve our clients.

John Liston

Liston Advisory Group

Alison Liston
Director - Client Relations

Liston Advisory Group

Art Reimer
Advisor - Private Equity

Kelly Smith CFP CLU CHFC
Corporate Tax and Estate planning

TopHat Advisory Group

Nancy Robb CFP
Individual Insurance and Investment Planner

TopHat Advisory Group

Jon Craig CPA CA
Corporate Tax Planning

Tax and Estate Planning Partners

Tony D'Andrea CFA
Sell Side M&A | Finance & Exit Planner

Optimum Capital

JKaran Nikhanj
Lean Six Sigma - Blackbelt Business Process IMprovement

LSS Analytics

Kevin Dean MBA CFA
Portfolio Manager

Newport Private Wealth
Lonsdale Private Wealth